15 February, 2010

A frog in the pond!

Last night we heard a strange "clicking" sound. We eventually found a little frog in our pond. He had his throat blown up like a balloon. We were wondering if he is calling for a mate. Perhaps Libby can tell us. He continued clicking all night and didn't finish until about 7.00am this morning.
At about 5.30pm this afternoon he started clicking again. Maybe he'll have more success tonight!
Could this be the same frog catching insects on our kitchen window last week? I wonder?


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

How cool is it to have a real life frog on the property, out in plain sight. My kids would be over the moon.

Libster said...

our frog clicks too... I would assume that it is a he and that he is looking for a chicky babe lol.... wont say on here what he is saying in frog language lol

mandapanda said...

Christine! You've won prize number 3 in my giveaway! Please let me know your address so that I can post it off to you!
What a gorgeous froggy! We get them in our pool all the time, but they're either green tree frogs or barking marsh frogs, or cane toads! Ewww! I love the green tree frogs though!