12 February, 2010

A quilt top finished and onto the next!

I've finished Austin's "Starry Sensations" quilt top and it's already to go to Leanne to quilt it. This was a BOM I did with an internet group, International Friendship Quilters, that I belong to. The quilt is too big for Austin's single bed so we will be putting it away until he eventually has a double bed.

This means I can now start my civil war quilt!
Noel and the boys gave me the Sturbridge Calicoes for my last birthday and my lovely mother-in-law gave me the background fabrics.
I found this fabric and just had to have it for the backing.

So it's now time to head out to the laundry
and start washing all my lovely fabric!


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Woo Hoo!

It looks fantastic.

The civil war fabrics look delicious, do I spy a "dirty" purple?

Happy Washing.

Christine M said...

Yes Claire, there just may be a dirty purple!

Libster said...

Ahhh no dirty purple fabric goes unseen by our claire :)
You snuck that quilt in under the radar!!! very nice too

Jennifer said...

Oh it looks gorgeous - I look forward to watching it grow

QueenB said...

Have fun with the ironing!!!
they will prob take most of the w/e to dry with this weather.
and I am envious.......