02 March, 2011

2010 Kris Kringle Gifts

Our little quilting group had our very belated 2010 Kris Kringle handover in January. Madeline (Woomba Woomba) has very subtly let us know that none of us have shown any photos of our gifts. As she now lives in Queensland, she wasn't there on the night.
So especially for Madeline, here are my gifts from Jenni.Jenni gave me this lovely cotton reel holder. I've been wanting one of these for a while but never got around to doing anything about it.
Now I don't have to worry!Aren't these chickens cute! A lovely picture frame.
Must get some photos printed to put in it.

Thank you Jenni.


Libster said...

good girl!! I posted too, dont want to get into trouble lol

Mad Quilter Maddy said...

You two are such clowns. Both where very spoilt. Very happy to view your kk's.

Meredith said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the spool holder. It will look pretty with all different colors of thread on it.