31 March, 2011

A Cricket Scholarship, Visitors, Recycling!

Last Sunday was presentation day at Diamond Creek Cricket Club. Mitchell was awarded a Junior Development Scholarship Award. The Club invests an enormous amount of time and money into the development of junior players for the future. Mitchell was selected as a player they feel has shown the commitment and will benefit in enhancing his cricketing skills and career.

Mitchell will be having one on one personal, professional coaching from Neil Buzzard (regarded as one of the best cricket coaches of his time). This will happen later in the year, probably August.

Congratulations Mitchell. We are all proud of you.
The other morning, we found this possum hanging around under the verandah. It's very unusual as you don't usually see them in daylight. I'm not too sure if he was stuck or just wanted to hang around.He soon jumped down and ran off!
Our other visitor was this strange bug in the bath.
We don't know what it is but it was about three inches long!A little while ago, I was reading this post by Karen of Sew Many Ways about recycling onion bags and making pot scrubbers out of them. I bought a bag of onions this week, so I gave it a try. It works really well. We use to have a scrubber made of netting similar to this but isn't available any more. I wore my other one out until there were more holes than netting!

Well, that's a little catch up. I'll have something to show you next week once the recipients have received them.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What an honor for your son. Oh, critters, we are abound too as they are just waking from hibernation here in the US - still sleepy and confused they tend to get into where they don't belong. The bugs you can keep - yuck.

I save my net bags to put my flower bulbs in and hang in the cellar until their next planting.

Linda said...

How wonderful for Mitchell! I know you're very proud of him!!!
The possums you have there look SO VERY DIFFERENT from the ones we have here! Ours look like giant rats with hairless tails. They are also nocturnal.
Love the pot scrubber. I have one made of net that I love. I will have to try the onion bags.

shez said...

Christine what a nice post and well done Mitchell

Maddy said...

Congrats to Mitchell, what a great opportunity for such a committed sportsman. Should ask for his autograph now. lol.

Thank goodness we have no possums here. But the house on the peninsular has. Odd to see it out in the day light.

Margarita said...

Congratulations to Mitchell, do we get to see him playing for Australia one day? Love your possom photos, we hear them at night fighting/loving, but never see them

Heather said...

Thanks for the onion bag tip!

Cath Ü said...

Congrats to Mitchell... Love the possum... you can keep the bug.... and terrific idea re the onion bags......

Cath Ü