18 March, 2017

Nelson's Last Athletics Carnival

 Yesterday we had perfect weather for Nelson's last Athletics Carnival at Plenty Valley Christian College. 
He finished off with a bang!
 Nelson came first in the 100m. He was relieved as the boys had made a bet that whoever came last had to shave their arm! Nelson definitely made sure it wasn't him.
He came second in high jump. Not bad considering he hasn't done it since the Carnival last year!
 This was a personal best for him - 1.7m.
Meers House came first in house/teacher relay. 
He also came third in the 4 x 100m relay.

So the end of an era for Nelson and for me.
After 16 years of attending Athletics Carnivals, that's it for me! In fact, it's the last time I officially help out at school.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It has been such a pleasure to watch your young boys grow into such wonderful young men.

simplestitches said...

end of an era! it's both a happy and sad occasion knowing that it's the last time...enjoy! and on to new and exciting times.

Maria said...

Congrats Nelson on doing so well in your last Athletics Carnival at school..

Definitely a bitter sweet occasion Christine,

Baa. xxx said...

Well done to Nelson! Gosh, it must feel funny for you as the last child is finishing school.

Cheryll said...

You will miss it and I'm sure BE missed...xox