13 March, 2017

Nelson's Debutante Ball

 Saturday night saw us head to the Luxor Reception Centre in Taylor's Lakes as Nelson was partnering Jordyn in the Debutante Ball. You can tell I wasn't home when Nelson got ready to go. I would have made him do up his vest!
 Nelson bowing to Jordyn as they met on the stairs.
 Phew! That's part one over with!
Time for the fun dance!
 Our three sons!

It was a wonderful night and I know 
Nelson really enjoyed himself.


Baa. xxx said...

Looks like a fantastic night. Great photo of all the three boys together!

Christine B. said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Lovely photo of your handsome boys! Christine x

Maria said...

Looked like a fabulous evening ....Nelson looked very handsome as did Mitchell and Austin.

Sharmayne said...

They sure have grown up Christine!

Elyte said...

Lovely photos and very handsome sons.

Jo said...

Great memories

Anthea said...

Three sons to be very proud of... thanks for sharing these lovely pics!