29 April, 2010

Meet Frank! A Wedding and a Mini Holiday.

This is Frank!Noel and I had a lovely Anzac Day long weekend in Queensland. Frank, together with Leanne and Nigel, welcomed us into their home and spoilt us.
Leanne and Nigel were kind enough to offer their home for our accommodation. Just look at this beautiful breakfast. Did you notice the ice cream? I think it's the first time I've had ice cream for brekkie!
We went to Queensland for the wedding of Sarah and Jamie.
The wedding was by the water in Mooloolabah. It had been raining all week but Friday the weather was perfect. The reception was at The Ebb in Maroochydore and was very pleasant sipping champagne by the Maroochy River.

Saturday it rained all day. Noel and I went to Eumundi Market and spent about 3-4 hours just wandering around. It was nice not having anyone saying "I'm hungry", "I'm bored" and "can I have this"! In the afternoon we went up the hills to Montville where all the lovely crafty shops are. The rain was a lot heavier then but we didn't mind.
Noel found this special seat.

And this is an extra souvenir he picked up in Montville. He felt something crawling on his leg and this is what he found.
A leech!

Sunday was a beautiful day. We went on a canal cruise. We got to see how the other half live!
This was Steve Irwin's house. In the past year Terri, Bindi and Robert have only stayed there 8 days (and not all together). That's his boat "Croc One".A dolphin popped up next to the boat as we were heading back to the dock. The park in the background is where Sarah and Jamie's wedding was.

Sunday night, Leanne, Nigel, Noel and myself all went out to dinner and had a beautiful meal.
Noel had fish. I can't remember what fish.
Nigel and I had the beef. It was just sensational!
Leanne had the suckling pork belly with ginger. Although there must have been something in the sauce as look what happened to Leanne!
All the meals came out looking like they were from "Masterchef"!

This is a table runner I made for Leanne and Nigel.
And to finish off, here is a sneak peek of something I'm working on.


Libster said...

frank is a cutie :) looks like you had a great time and spent some quality time at the markets lol

SheilaC said...

Cute dog :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your Mother's Day story! The kids sure are adorable as they wait for you to open their gifts :)

Good luck in the give away, and check back late Saturday to see who won!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day !


mandapanda said...

Frank = 2 cute!
Looks like you had a beautiful stay! The bride was gorgeous!! Don't you just love Montville? It used to be heaps better, I dont know why it went downhill. Probably just the economy slipping. I understand why the Irwins haven't stayed there very much - no animals! Well except for the dolphin. They probably can't sleep well without the night zoo noises.
That fish looks yummy! Have you been watching Masterchef? Who's your favourite? Mine's a toss up between Clare and Alvin and another few. Jons pretty good too. And the two 20 year olds. But alot of what they cook I just wouldn't eat! lol
Nice table runner, and that sneak peak is torture!!
Thankyou for your lovely comment on Jake. It's hard when they leave you, but that's life isn't it? I just never realized how much a part of the everyday life he was!