14 April, 2010

A trip to the zoo to meet Mali!

The boys were still on holidays on Monday, so we tripped off to the zoo to see Mali, the new baby elephant. We didn't have to wait as long as I thought we would. I think we were about the third group of 150 to go through and we were at the front of the queue. It was worth the wait. Mali is just so cute.

And here she is!
Somewhere amongst all these legs is Mali. The "aunties" are very protective of her as she wanders in and out of their legs.Here's Austin and Nelson talking to an orangutan!
The person in the white t-shirt on the right of the orangutan is Nelson.
There's a new "sea" display at the zoo. Here's Mitchell, Austin and Nelson at the entrance. We got up close and personal to some stingrays.

Nelson next to the super coral!Watching the seals from underneath.Bye from the zoo!

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mandapanda said...

Awwww, she's too cute! Can you feel my jealously? I havent been to Melbourne zoo in 15 years! Can't wait to get back down that way and go see how it's changed!
N that seal reminds me of when I was 6 and at Coffs Harbour. We went to a sea world place, and I got kissed on the mouth by a sea lion! Phew! She smelt terribly of fish! And I also got to pat fairy penguins and play catch with a dolphin! Those were the days, when you could interact with the animals instead of seeing them behind glass. I hope your boys enjoyed the trip! They'll remember it for years to come!