17 April, 2010

Austin and Nelson - Little Athletes!

Last night I took Austin and Nelson to the Diamond Creek Little Athletics Club presentation night. Liz Gardiner, the Olympic aerial skier was a special guest for the night. She came 12th in the world at the recent Vancouver Olympics.

Liz had done little athletics from the time she was six until 15. She was also a gymnast and when she was 19, she gave that up and got into aerial skiing.

Throughout the summer, she trains for hours in a wet suit and ski boots, climbing a hill, skiing down a plastic ramp and landing in a pool. Over this period she would climb the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 3 times! Here's Liz presenting Austin and Nelson with their participation trophies.
Then to our surprise, Austin was announced as the Diamond Creek Boy Athlete of the Year 2009/2010! Austin earnt the most points of all the boys in the club. This is fantastic as it was his first year of Little Aths.
Congratulations Austin and Nelson on a great first year of Little Athletics.


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mandapanda said...

Oh my, how proud you must be!! Fabulous huh? Wish them congrats from me!