10 April, 2010

Ugly Fat Quarter Not!

Well, Amanda and I have swapped our projects for the Ugly Fat Quarter Swap. What a fun swap this was. It's amazing how one person can look at a piece of fabric and think "what can I do with this?" and another takes one look and knows exactly what to do with it!

This is what I sent Amanda.
And this is what I found when I opened the envelope!
And when I undid it, just look at what was inside!
A beautiful cushion cover, a pin cushion and some of Amanda's gorgeous "mushroom" top pins. How lucky am I?
Here is a close-up of the embroidery. Amanda has duplicated the flowers on the fabric. How clever is she?

Here is the pin cushion and those "mushies".
This is what Amanda sent me.
After a lot of thought, I decided to go with a sea theme with the shell buttons she sent. I made her a reversible thread catcher and a drawstring bag.
Thank you Amanda for being a great swap partner. It's been great getting to know each other during our many emails (with the added bonus of making a new friend!). Many thanks to Jenny and Fiona for arranging this fun blog swap.


Khris said...

Oh you lucky girl...I so love Amanda's pin toppers...she is such a clever girl..Khris

mandapanda said...

Glad you like the cushion cover, and the pins! I know I LOVE mine! Dont you hate it though, how things tend to not stay the same when you post them? In your pics, my thread catcher stays square! I can't get it to do that. do I need to iron it do you think? Oh, and I ironed the cover before I sent it, and there's wrinkles in it again! Don't you just wish wrinkles could disappear? The we wouldnt need irons, and you never would have had to splurge on yours! lol :D
I loved getting to know you christine, and thanktyou so much for becoming a great new friend! You too Nelson!