03 April, 2010

A new iron and some cushions!

I decided to splurge and buy myself a new iron. I've never had a new iron, they've all been second hand. No more dirty marks on my patchwork now! Of course, I only use my iron for my patchwork (and occasionally for our good clothes when we go out!).

Yesterday, I finished off these cushions for our new lounge suite. I bought the centre fabric when Mitchell was a baby (he'll be 14 in June!) and didn't know what to do with it. I thought it would make nice cushions and each centre is different, depending on where I cut out the blocks.

Here they all are on the lounge (although it looks a bit washed out). Don't look at the mess in the background though!


mandapanda said...

Guess what? We have the same iron!! lol
Love the cushion covers! Where'd you buy the inserts? Did you use old cushions for the new covers? Do you have any left? When'd you get the new lounge suite? It look right at home there! I love the quilt on the wall behind the couch too! Can I have a photo of it?

Libster said...

cushions looking good! I need a new iron too, i have dropped mine a few times now and its plastic case is rather battered and cracked. your leannes house looks good on the wall!

Cath Ü said...

The cushions look good... lovely large lounge area too...

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Cath Ü

Renee said...

they look great - and I love the Leanne's house quilt on the wall!