17 August, 2018

2018 Pets On Quilts

Hi Everyone, It's Molly here. 
Yay, we made it to the show. 
We missed out last year as Mum was really busy.
The parade is organised by Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting.
  I want to introduce you to Rex. He is my new brother.
Rex is an American Staffordshire Terrier cross. 
 We found him at the RSPCA in November and he was only 11 weeks old. 
Now I know how Ginger felt when I came to live at MacDonald's Patch. 
Rex was a bit annoying at times (and sometimes still is)!
This is the first time we met each other. We got on well
 and Rex then came to live with us in his forever home.
 Rex is a  funny dog. He likes to sit in all sorts of places.
 But our favourite place is the couch.
We keep swapping sides!
 It looks like all we do is sleep on the couch but we do go outside to play too.
Last month I fell off the couch and dislocated my hip. I had to go to 
the vet and had a big operation but I'm getting better now.
Rex kept me company all the time and he knew I couldn't run 
around like we normally do. He would keep coming to check on me.
 But Rex was a bit of a naughty boy when he first came. 
He chewed some holes in Mum's quilts.
 He chewed the corner off here.
 And on this quilt too!
Lucky they're not heirloom quilts, just ones for everyday use.
 Not like Mum's new heirloom Double Wedding Ring quilt.
Neither of us are allowed on or anywhere near this one!
It's been lovely talking to you and I hope you liked meeting Rex.
 Thank you to Snoodles, Padsworth and Dragondrop for organising another fun 
Pets On Quilts Show. You can see all the other lovely pets here.

Soon it will be time to vote for your favourite pets. 
Rex and I are entered in the Dogs on Quilts category. 
There are lots of prizes from lots of fabulous sponsors. 
You might even win a random prize yourself.

Woofy hugs,
Molly and Rex


Karin said...

How cute!

Loris said...

You two are adorable! Molly, hang in there with your recovery. Sorry you had to have that happen but it looks like Rex is being a good buddy supporting you.

Karen S said...

This is lots of fun. Great way to see your pets and your quilts.

Louise said...

Aw, what sweet puppers! I hope that Molly's hip is healing well. I love that Rex keeps her company while she can't play :)

kiwikid said...

Beautiful post Molly, hope your hip has healed well and that new pup is not chewing your Mums quilts any more.

mangozz said...

What cute puppies! I love the stories and all the photos too.

Michele T said...

You have two adorable puppies!

Shannon said...

Your Molly and Rex are so cute!! Rex looks just like my Pibble mix Bentley, except Bentley is old now, but their coloring is so similar! I'm so glad your Rex has a great new forever home and friend in Molly!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Rex is a cutie--that pup can be a bit naughty around quilts though--lol!

Susan said...

These two are a couple of rascals, especially Rex!

Ruth said...

Lovley to meet you and Rex too! Hope the hip is mending well!