20 February, 2021

Friday Night Sew-In

I sat down to stitch last night while we watched the new series 
of Outlander that was released this week. 
There were a lot of spots where I was sure 
I had seen them before. For some reason, we had started
watching the second last one from season 4! 
So we kept watching to bring us back up 
with the story as it had been a while since we had watched it. 
Will start season 5 tonight!
I managed to get the writing done along with a little bird. 
Not too bad considering Jamie Fraser 
kept appearing on the screen! LOL!
In case you don't know him, this is Jamie!
I was given this Tilda stitchery for a Tilda swap 
by Karen of Sunburnt Quilts. Eeek! I looked it up 
and that was back in July 2014! 
Definitely time to stitch this one, especially as 
I'm really getting into Tilda with the Tilda Lovers Club.
Thank you to Wendy for hosting us.
A special thank you to Kitty Rose Cottage 
who is now sponsoring FNSI.


Maria said...

Great to get started on the Tilda stitchery but I can see why you were distracted... Nice young fella !!

ButterZ said...

I think it is time to stitch this one up..

Lin said...

Thats a pretty stitchery and a nice face to spot on your screen! xx

Julie said...

Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one that starts watching something & it looks familiar & then I realise I've already watched it !!!!! Am ashamed to admit how many times I've done that!!! Your stitchery looks very cute Christine. xx

Fiona said...

very cute stitchery....

Christine B said...

You made a lot of progress on your cute little stitchery considering the distraction you had!! Enjoy watching the new series! Christine xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Such a cute stitchery! I love snowmen.... :) xx

Cheryll said...

Both little stitcheries are lovely... and YES Jamie is certainly worth watching... drooling here...
so I'll go catch up with his latest episodes too...xox

Kim said...

A lot of people watch Outlander....I haven't as yet. Your lettering and sweet little birdy are lovely.

Ondrea said...

Lol one would think Jamie floats your boat hehehe. Great series but I think I need to rewatch the last series as it is so long ago I have forgotten what happened. Love the series but could never get into the book. I tried twice when it was called " Crossstitch" . Love the stitchery.

Vicki said...

I always find I have to choose my show careflly if I plan to craft while watching, i can tell how absorbing/distracting the programne was from how much i got done. I dont think you did too badly!