26 September, 2021

Zooming Stitching!

Yesterday I spent the day, as in over 8 hours, stitching along while 
zooming with girls from Australia and America. 
Donna from Chookyblue was the organiser and it was lovely 
to be able to talk to her. You get to make friends through blogging 
but never get to actually meet them in person.
We have known each other through blogging for many years. 

 Anorina from Samelia's Mum and Ondrea from Crafty O 
were also there and again, I've never spoken to them before, 
just through the keyboard.
I also got to catch up with Sue from Kiwikids Page
Annette from Jindi's Cottage, Jo from ButterZ
Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' and Marina from Maisie and the Boys
all of whom I haven't seen in a very long time. 
Hope I haven't missed anyone. 
I also got to make some new friends.
What did I stitch while chatting? 
First up, I added the extra half doily to 
my Lillian Elizabeth's Kitchen quilt. 
This seemed to balance it out better. I also quilted the final block.
Just the binding to go on now. 
I am so happy with how this quilt has turned out.
I also did a little stitching. 
Finished the pin cushion block and started the house. 
Plus I finished adding another row to my hexagon quilt.

I had a fabulous day. The 8 hours went by so quickly. 
I'm already looking forward to the next zoom stitching day. 
Thanks again, Donna.


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

It was so lovely to join in the zoom and see you yesterday. I was worried that I was going to miss out as I couldn't log in through the morning (what with running around taking kids here and there), but I'm glad everyone was still there in the afternoon.
You got lots done during the chat!

Ondrea said...

It was lovely to actually " meet" you too. ( the link to my blog is an older one). I have notified Chooky. I love your quilt and the sashing fabric really looks great with the stitcheries. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Always such a fun day zooming...and you got SO much done!...it was so lovely to see you and Marina again after so long...just love your Lilian Elizabeth quilt, such a lovely tribute to your grandmother...hope you see at at more zooms...

marina said...

It was a lovely chance to spend time with crafty bloggers. You had a very productive day!
Was lovely to see you again too.
Your quilt in honour of your grandmother is so pretty and those hexies are beautiful.

ButterZ said...

It was great to see you and chat after so many years. It’s always a great day of Zoom thanks to. Hooky for this. You did so much in the day. It is a good way to just sit n sew on something while chatting. See you next time.

Karen S said...

What a great way to spend the day - and get some stitching done.

Chookyblue...... said...

as you say it was lovely to meet you face to face.......all the girls are on my sidebar to find the girls new to you.......you project is so pretty......and yes the hours while away and you don't even notice it's that long.......

simplestitches said...

you were certainly busy at the "sewing" day...unfortunately I couldn't attend, but hope to on the next one...your kitchen quilt is lovely!

Maria said...

It’s always lovely to chat and stitch on Zoom with our online friends…
I was so annoyed I couldn’t get my audio to work.sorry to have missed you. 🥲
Pretty projects you were working on.

Cheryll said...

Yeah...it was NiCe "seeing" you again too Christine. It certainly has been awhile. Zooming is helping crafters stay in touch while "retreats" are not allowed. See you next time xox

Jenny of Elefantz said...

How absolutely gorgeous, Christine!!!
I love that you've used the same fabric for all borders...it gives every block a beautiful flow and the overall effect is perfect. :-)

kiwikid said...

It was wonderful to see you again Christine and get to catch up. Your Lillian Elizabeth quilt is beautiful, the stitcheries are cute and the hexagons are looking great too. You had A very productive day. Looking forward to next time.

Christine B said...

What a lot of stitching you achieved Christine and the zoom day sounded fabulous! Hope you can get together for real soon too! Hugs Christine xx