22 January, 2022

FNSI and Meet Ralph!

Last night was the first Friday Night Sew-In for 2022! 
I've been playing with my Tilda fabrics and finally decided 
on these for a new project I am going to start.
I was feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered doing any of the 
prep work so I pulled out my Heart Strings blocks.
While stitching I watched The Cook of Castama on Netflix. 
As you can see, I didn't really get that much done!
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us again this year.
Meet Ralph!
Ralph is Austin and Paris' new family member.
He joined them on 30th December and is a Red Toy Poodle.
 Today was his second class at puppy school. 
Unfortunately, Paris and Austin are in isolation. 
So that he didn't miss his class, I took him.

I'm sure he's looking at me and thinking 
"does she even know what she's doing"! LOL!
This is Ralph's friend Blue. 
They met last week and were excited to see each other.
One very quiet boy on the way home 
after an exciting morning with friends.
An exhausted Ralph was soon asleep!


ButterZ said...

Ralph is so very cute

Maria said...

A little stitching is better than none....

Ralph is so cute! what does Molly and Rex think of him??
Hope Austin and Paris are okay.

Sharm said...

Oh Ralp is very cute! At least you got some stitching out lol

Julie said...

Some gorgeous Tilda's in that bundle Christine!! Oh Ralph is just gorgeous & reminds me of a soft floppy soft-toy Dog I used to have 😉😊💛

Kim said...

Ralph is an adorable ball of fur....so, so sweet. Your Tilda project looks beautiful. Love that little stitchery.

Christine B said...

You've chosen some beautiful fabrics Christine and I am looking forward to your project. Ralph is so cute! Love him to pieces! Christine xx

kiwikid said...

Beautiful stitching Christine, Ralph is very cute. I am sure you both had fun at puppy school.

Susan said...

Ralph is very cute

The stitcheries are lovely to do - but you need to be in the mood - so to speak!

Karen S said...

The fabrics for your new project look lovely.
And Ralph looks like a lot of fun as well as loads of mischief.