21 January, 2022

WooHoo! It's back!

I've managed to get my panorama photo back after 
accidently deleting it last week 
I spent hours trying everything to get it back, 
googling and asking in the blogger community. 
After having no success, I gave up disappointed. 
Now a week later, today I thought I'd try again and somehow, 
I don't really know how, I managed to 
get the photo back up in the top section of my blog. 

Finally we have Nelson's girlfriend Jemma in the picture. 
Considering Jemma's been around over 2 years now, 
it was certainly time to update the photo.
Feeling so much happier now!


ButterZ said...

Well done Christine. Disregard my last email then.

Christine B said...

That's great Christine! Lovely photos! Have a great weekend! Hugs Christine xx

Maria said...


Kim said...

Oh technology, who knows the little quirks that it presents. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason. =) Such a lovely photo.

Karen's Korner said...

Well done on getting the "lost photo" back. Technology drives me mad sometimes.

Ondrea said...

Well done. I have no idea how to change my header lol. Waaay too technical for this gal lol.

Julie said...

I'm pleased to read you got your panorama photo back up Christine. Sometimes blogger is enough to drive us all bonkers!!

Sharon Kwilter said...

Love your fabric choices!