25 June, 2022

Wedding Napkins!

Chelsea and David's wedding reception was held in 
the Grand Ballroom at the Windsor Hotel. 
It was such a beautiful room. 
Weeks prior to the wedding, Chelsea, her mother, 
David's mother and I'm not sure who else, 
were very busy making special napkins for the day.
On each napkin there was a brooch or scarf clip attached. 
These were a gift from Chelsea as a memento of their wedding day. 
Chelsea had spent months going to markets and second 
hand stalls to purchase them all. 
There were floral napkins for the women and navy for the men. 
I was cheeky and brought some home. In fact I brought six home, 
three of each. I asked Chelsea what they did with
 all the napkins. She said some people took theirs home and 
she will use the others when holding high teas at home. 
I gave her the wrapped bag and laughed telling her I 
was one of those people too and that I took six!
I made fat quarter bags with them. 
One for Chelsea and one each for Karen and Luba, the two mothers.
I lined them with the navy napkins.

I thought they could put some wedding things in them.
Chelsea is going to put the trinkets that were on the bridal table in hers.
While I was taking these photos in the sewing room, 
the dogs started barking. I looked up and there was 
Mr Fox walking past! 
I ran out and chased him down the driveway. 
Didn't want him out the back with my chickens
although the dogs would have chased him out there.


Lin said...

What a great use for those special napkins. xx

Kim said...

The Grand Ballroom is stunning. It certainly lives up to the name. How pretty is the fabric of the napkins. Cute bags you fashioned from them.

Christine B said...

What a fabulous way to upcycle the napkins from the wedding and a very special keepsake for the bride and the two mums too! Have a wonderful weekend! Christine xx

Maria said...

How clever to make the FQ bags from the napkins and gift them to the bride, Mum and MIL.
I love my bag you gifted me and my little light lives in it.

loulee said...

A lovely memento for her from her wedding day.

ButterZ said...

Very clever to make the bags. A lovely moments.

Ondrea said...

Such a lovely idea repurposing the napkins.

kiwikid said...

What a lovely thing to do with the napkins Christine, beautiful memento for the bride and her mother's. That was a beautiful place for the wedding. Good to keep Mr Fox on the move.

Cheryll said...

That was a very thoughtful gift and a wonderful gesture. I'm sure they were appreciated...xox

Karen S said...

It certainly is a grand room. A lovely location for the reception.
And what a great idea with the napkins. Very special and thoughtful.

Chookyblue...... said...

what a lovely gift to make with the napkins........the room and table etc looks beautiful.......