03 August, 2022

Across The Ditch Tilda Swap (Part 1)

Julie from My Threadbear Life and I recently did a swap. 
We were to make each other something using
 Tilda fabric as we both love Tilda. 
We waited until both of us had received our parcels 
before opening them. Mine arrived from New Zealand 
well before Julie got her parcel.
The big day came and we face-timed 
together for the grand opening of gifts.
OMG! Julie made me the most beautiful doll. 
Secretly I was hoping she would make me a doll 
as Julie makes the most gorgeous dolls.
The photo doesn't do it justice.
Her sweet face. I'm calling her Tilly.
Tilly's apron is made from a beautiful vintage doily. 
Julie knows I love vintage linens.
Julie also made me this lovely pouch.
Inside were these goodies.
A sweet little Tilda paper bunting.
A close up of one of the ladies.
Don't you just love this beautiful jug? I do!
Julie makes candles in up-cycled jugs, cups and glasses. 
The fragrance is French Pear and Julie knows I love it. 
In the photo with the bunting above you see one of Julie's 
candles in a glass jug. This is one I received in her giveaway last year.
 It sits in my sewing room and every time I walk in I can smell it.
Some New Zealand chocolate and a NZ magazine.
Thank you so much for all my beautiful gifts Julie. 
It was even better that we were able to chat 
with each other as we opened our gifts.
You can see what I made for Julie in my next post.


Maria said...

WOW! So many gorgeous gifts ..
Tilly is beautiful and such a pretty upcycled jug with candle.

ButterZ said...

That’s such a lovely gift

Julie said...

I just so enjoyed making these swap gifts for your Christine ... & then having a face time video to open them together. It seemed to take some co-ordinating but it was worth it in the end. And I was SO pleased when you said you had secretly hoped I'd make you a dolly. Thank you for doing this swap with me. xx

Lin said...

Lovely gifts from Julie - what a great swap you had. xx

kiwikid said...

What a wonderful swap, Julie makes the most beautiful things.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Both of you really the blessed the other!! How lovely all the gifts are! :-)