17 August, 2023

2023 WA Road Trip Rug

On our recent road trip over to Western Australia, 
I found that the roads were just too bumpy
 to stitch in the car. So when we got to Port Lincoln, 
I bought myself some wool and a crochet hook. 
It had been nearly 40 years since I did any crochet. 
I still remembered how to crochet which was amazing. 
I checked out a couple of YouTube videos to refresh 
my memory on how many chain I needed to commence
my granny square and also how to join the squares together. 
I also looked up how to do a scalloped edge. It was so easy.

The colour doesn't really show up very well here. 
You can see I made it a bit like a quilt 
with squares, sashing and borders!
This is the baby rug I made back in 1984. 
When I pulled it out I was surprised to see that 
I had done a scalloped edge on it!
I really enjoyed making my rug.  Pretty sure it's not 
going to be another 40 years before I make another one!


ButterZ said...

Love how the colours make the blocks look like they have swirls.

Julie said...

Your rug turned out wonderful Christine. I would love to learn to crochet. I must sit myself down quietly one day, clear my head (!!), & try to learn on YouTube - I think I could give it a go 😊

Karen S said...

Very smart thinking. Lovely yarn colour and a great finish.

Julie said...

Hi Christine - just popping on here to say I am having trouble replying to your blog comments on my latest posts. I have tried several times but they just keep coming back to me via Postmaster General ... I've had this issue with a few email addresses lately & thought I'd just let you know - that I'm not ignoring you 😉 xx

Lin said...

So pretty. Crochet is addictive I find! xx

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

How wonderful that you were able to get the supplies you needed to make this lovely afghan while on vacation. Gorgeous fibers that you used too.

Ondrea said...

Such a great idea to keep your hands busy. It looks beautiful. You Tube is very helpful for crafters. I suspect you will be crocheting again soon.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful wool and rug Christine, love how you have sashed it.

Karen's Korner said...

A lovely souvenir of your trip.

Susie H said...

Love how you finished off your granny squares. The colors are beautiful too!

Susan said...

Your WA rug is lovely...LOL...it does look like a quilt.

it is kind of scary when you associate 40 years ago with 1985.

Maddy said...

Love your Woolen crochet quilt. Your trip to WA sounds amazing. Would you know if Notyq library still up and running. Looking for a particular book/ pattern. Wrapped in chocolate by Janet Rowe 2010. Have a UFO l was hoping to complete 💯.