03 March, 2024

Austin and Paris' Wedding!

Introducing the new Mr and Mrs MacDonald, 
Austin and Paris!
Mitchell, Indy, Paris, Austin, Nelson and Rhie.
 Last Saturday was the big day!
 Mitchell and Nelson were Austin's Best Men.
A lot of you know that I love dresses and always wear one. 
Of course I had to have a very special one this occasion. 
I bought a gorgeous dress back in March last year 
which I just love and then, 12 days before the wedding, 
I bought this one! 
So after bragging to Noel that my dress and shoes 
cost less than his hired suit and I got to keep them,
 I could no longer brag!
Their cute little poodle Ralph was the ring bearer.
He even had a little tuxedo! 
It's a bit hard to see but there were hundreds of 
little pearl beads stitched all over her dress.
Noel and the boys waiting for Paris to arrive.
Paris showing off her garters.
These three (one above and two below) are some 
sneak peek photos from the official photographer.
I can't wait until we get to see all of them.
I just love the look on Paris' face in this one.
The little bag Paris carried on the day. 
The ribbon roses are more from my wedding dress.
Paris made all the place settings. 
The little heart is embedded with seeds to be 
planted and flowers will grow.
My Mother of the Groom corsage.
Noel, Mitchell and his gorgeous girl, Steph. 
There's really no photos at the moment of us as a 
family until we get the ones from the photographer.
Paris made these glasses for a bit of fun.
Paris put this little video together.
The groom was handsome (I may be a bit biased), 
the bride was stunning, the weather was perfect 
and it was the most wonderful day.
Now I officially have a daughter!
It's hard to believe they have been married a week already!


Maria said...

Just the perfect day for the lovely couples special day.
Congratulations Paris and Austin ,wishing you many happy years together.

loulee said...

Looks like a wonderful day. My congratulations to the very happy couple.
Love your dress, did you make it?

dq said...

Love your dress and your shoes! It looks like a lovely wedding. The cake is gorgeous too! Congratulations!

Lin said...

Such a lovely wedding and a beautiful dress. Congratulations on your new daughter! xx

kiwikid said...

Looks like an amazing day Christine, so many happy faces! Lovely you have a new daughter. Beautiful photos. The new dress is stunning Christine, well worth getting.

Ondrea said...

Woohoo! Congrats to the happy couple and to you and your hubby. Such a beautiful day . So glad the weather was good . Love Paris' dress , she looks gorgeous and you look quite a stunner yourself!

ButterZ said...

Oh those photos are so beautiful. Congratulations on such a beautiful day.

Karen S said...

The bride and groom are gorgeous. And all the family photos are a delight. A beautiful wedding!!!!

Janice said...

Just beautiful.

Christine B said...

Looks like the most beautiful day Christine. Congratulations to Austin and Paris! Hugs Christine xx

dq said...

It definitely looks like the perfect day! Everyone looks so happy!

Chookyblue...... said...

what a gorgeous day.......so please the weather was also on your side.......beautiful........

Julie said...

How beautiful it all looks Christine. Well done to everyone - such stunning photos. Isn't it just so special when your son finds the one he wants to marry. Just all that us Mothers can ever ask for 💗 xx

Julie said...

How wonderful Christine. Such a special day & the photos are amazing. Well done everyone for creating such special memories. Isn't it just so special when your son finds the one he wants to marry!? All that us Mothers can ever ask for really. 💗 xx