07 May, 2022

A Bridal Shower

The lovely young couple next door are getting married 
in a couple of weeks (after having to cancel their 
wedding twice due to lockdowns!). They only moved in last year 
and we have become friends with Chelsea and David. 
We were thrilled to be invited to their wedding 
and last weekend was Chelsea's Bridal Shower.

I made Chelsea some trimmed tea towels using Jennifer's tutorial here.
It's very hard to get a photo with the true colours. 
The blue is so pretty.
Of course I had to make Chelsea some of 
Fee's Glamorous Gloves here.
I think she liked them!

A matching shopping bag.

 You can roll it up and pop it into your handbag.
There was a colour theme for the shower 
and we were asked to dress in pinks, golds 
or turquoise, any or all. 
So my new dress I made was perfect to wear.
The room was decorated with bunting made with heritage lace.
It's a pity you can't see it close up. It was beautiful.
Last week I also finally got to catch up with Melody. 
After many cancellations due to Mel's ill health, 
it was wonderful to see her looking so well. 
I also got to meet the newest member of her family, Daisy.


simplestitches said...

lovely gift idea!
love your new dress too...looks great on you.
Melody is looking good, glad you finally got to catch up.

Lin said...

Lovely gifts. Decorating looks amazing so the wedding is bound to be a stunner! xx

Maria said...

Perfect pretty gifts for your neighbours Bridal Shower.
Lovely to wear your new dress you made.
So nice to have caught up with Mel and her new fur baby .

Jeanette said...

Lovely gifts for the bridal shower. Glad you finally caught up with Mel, she is looking good. Hugs, xx

Jo said...

Anita from Hillside Quilting said to say hi to you & Mel.
The bridal shower looked find and you made a lovely gift.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful gift Christine and the bridal shower looks wonderful. Nice for you to catch up with Mel.

Julie said...

What a lovely gift you put together Christine. Just perfect. I have made Fees gloves before & also Jennys tea towels & they are such fun to sew up. What a lovely person the bride looks too. xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Well sounds like you have great new neighbours which is wonderful...... Lovely gifts.....