20 May, 2022

A Rocking Day Out!

I was lucky enough to win a
 "Rocking Day Out in Bendigo" 
on radio 3AW.
Wednesday was the day. 
We had an early start and left home at 5.30am to 
catch the train to Southern Cross. 
Then onto another train to Bendigo.
We were hosted by David Mann aka "Mann About Town" 
and Bronwyn from 3AW.
First stop was the Elvis: Direct from Graceland Exhibition. 
It was fabulous.
Priscilla's wedding dress.
Some of the items on show have never 
even been displayed at Graceland.
There were many of Elvis' costumes.
The amount of decoration on some of them was amazing.
Then we were off to Balgownie Estate for lunch.
This is Jack Gatto, Australia's greatest Elvis impersonator.
 He also plays guitar with the Wiggles and
 is the stand-in for Anthony, the blue Wiggle!
He just happened to be at the exhibition as he was there 
for an interview on Sunrise earlier in the morning. 
David invited him to join us for lunch which was a lovely bonus.
 Jack treated us to a couple of songs.
He showed us one of his costumes. 
It is an exact replica of one of Elvis' and he had to 
get permission from the Graceland Estate to have it. 
It is quite heavy.
After lunch it was off to the 
"Shake, Rattle and Roll Cocktail Tram"! 
There was a cocktail (or two!) and lots of singing. 
I filmed Jack singing but it's too large a file for Blogger. 
Such a pity as he is great.
We even had a bit of a dance!
And another one when we got off the tram! Haha!
They had Elvis playing over the loud speaker. 
We're a bit rusty as we haven't been dancing for a while.
Then it was time to catch the train back to Melbourne. 
While waiting at Southern Cross Station for our train 
home to Diamond Creek, we chatted some more with one 
of the couples while we waited. After getting to know each 
other a bit more we worked out that Boris and I went to school
 together over 40 years ago! We both remembered each other's 
names but not faces as we didn't really 
"hang around together" at school. It's such a small world.
What a fabulous day we had! 
It was a long day as we didn't get home until 7.45pm.
I had forgotten I'd entered the competition 
and then thought the prize was a 
double pass to the exhibition. But it was so much more.
I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our 
"Rocking Day Out in Bendigo"!


Kim said...

Oh, what a fabulous prize to have won! It looks as if you both had the best of times. Just look at you two jiving. =) How fun! All those costumes are amazing. I imagine some of them were very heavy. Elvis.....he certainly was the King.

Julie said...

How wonderful & special Christine - I saw this over on instagram but your photos here are just great. Such a special prize package to win & looks like you both really enjoyed the whole day.

Jeanette said...

Sound like a wonderful day out. Hugs, xx

Chookyblue...... said...

what a wonderful day......and a bonus to get the impersonator also.......

Lin said...

What a fantastic day out! Congratulations on a superb win. xx

Karen's Korner said...

Lucky you. What a great prize.

kiwikid said...

Congratulations Christine, what a fantastic day out! The costumes are amazing as is the singing, and good on you two for dancing! You both look really happy.

Ondrea said...

How exciting! Well done winning such a fantastic day out. It looks amazing from the pics. Woohoo! Hey, the Elvis guy is rather yummy!!

ButterZ said...

Oh fantastic. It would have been an exciting and brilliant day.

Maria said...

What a great day and you both had the best time.

Karen S said...

Wow, that is really special. Glad you had a great time.

Maddy said...

What an amazing day out you both had rocking around the clock, looked fabulous from all the pictures. My husbands aunt had many Elvis outfits she purchased from Graceland on her many many visits. On one visit she showed us her Elvis costumes so beautiful such detail. l didn't think appropriate to take pics at the time. She was such a lady of class.