15 June, 2010

We survived!

Well, last night we had Mitchell's second party. There ended up being about 22 (there were a couple extra but they hid from the camera). They were all very well behaved.
Mitchell wanted the same birthday cakes as Sunday. Nice and easy! If you're wondering what's in Mitchell's top, it's Aurora the dog. And although you can't see it, Mitchell has on his Collingwood polar fleece top. I knew it was too good yesterday to get a birthday photo without his Collingwood jumper on. At least this top's not black and white stripes!
Then it was fun toasting marshmallows!

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Bev C said...

Hello Christine, Love that photo full of people at your home. Lots of smiley faces,no wonder they have all just had toasted marshmallows-yum. It doesn't take long before boys are taller than there Mum. Love that quilt in the photo. Happy days.