12 December, 2010

A Birthday, Christmas Decorating and the Vegie Patch

Last Tuesday was Noel's birthday (I know. I'm a bit late posting about it!). We had a quiet night. I cooked one of Noel's favourite meals, meat loaf with roast vegies. Then we had some white chocolate and raspberry butter cake. Yum!
We've started the Christmas decorating. We got another live Christmas tree this year. Nelson and Noel chose this huge one. It just about reaches to the top of the cathedral ceiling! The smell is devine. The main thing left to do now is to put up all the outside lights. I thought I'd show you some of our special decorations.
We bought this tea light holder when Noel and I went to Queensland earlier in the year.
I bought this church tea light holder last Christmas. The little Christmas tree is the one I won on Leonie's Kiwi at Heart blog.Here's my Three Santas. Oops, looks like a couple of bells have fallen off! I'd better try to find them.
Here are some of my Christmas hangers. I've started another one but it won't be ready until next Christmas!
With all the rain we've been having, the vegies are growing well. We've been getting lots of zucchini and lettuce. The tomato plants are getting taller and starting to flower. I've recently planted some silverbeet too.
The lettuces are getting taller too. I just pick leaves from the outside as we need them. Nelson's bean plant (next to the red pole) is growing and some beans are coming.
Well, time to get back to these. More hangers!


SheilaC said...

Your home looks so beautifully decorated :) I love those Santas.


Kathy H said...

We are almost finished our decorating except for the tree. I love the santa with the kangaroo pulling the sleigh. Merry Christmas.

Carrie P. said...

Lovely decorations. Great looking garden too. I have lettuce and spinach growing in pots that I cover during the winter months here in the states.
Merry Christmas!

Villa-loredana said...

Have a nice time with your lovely blog and family Loredana

SandyN said...

Wow I love all of your decorations... very cute..

Just in from the Holly Jolly Blog bingo... (How are you going with the words...)


Wendy said...

Hi Christine! Wendy from Why Knot here ... stopping in via the Holly Jolly Blog Bingo :) What Fun!! Your wall hangings and decorations are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas to you :)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Holly Jolly Bingo and I am happy I did! The birthday supper sounds wonderful - especially the cake!
The hangers look great - very pretty! I'm in Canada so I kind of did a doubletake when I saw the photos of your garden - had a DUH moment! Now I realize you are way on the other side of the world so it is summer. Isn't the internet incredible that stitchers can reach out to each other like this now? I love it! Good luck in the bingo!

joan said...

Just came from Holly Jolly Bingo. What lovely d├ęcor! I can almost smell your tree all the way here in Canada! We do not have veggies in the garden; we have snow. It is our winter.
Merry Christmas!

Marit Johanne said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!
For me it was funny to read about your vegetables growing, I had not noticed that you lived in Australia :) If you visit my blog you will see how it is here in Norway now. I came to your blog from the Holly Jolly Blog. Greetings from Norway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! I found your blog through the blog roll from Holly Jolly Bingo Blog @ In Stitches.
My best friend online lives in Artarmon. Good to meet another Aussie :)
Love your blog and will check back again. Happy Holidays.


Mad Quilter said...

Your home looks wonderful, all decked out for the holiday season. I love this time of year when everyone gets into the spirit of things. Hope you have a joyful holiday season.

Diane said...

Your garden looks fabulous and I love your special Christmas decorations.