24 January, 2011

When is an op shop find, not an op shop find?

When you clean out your parents shed which hasn't been touched in years!
This dirty, moth-eaten, horrible box was way down the back.
But look what was inside.A glass dessert set. This was a wedding present to my parents over
48 years ago! I don't think it was ever used.
The spoons were very tarnished. I've only tried cleaning them once
so far using the tin foil/bi carb soda boiling method.
They didn't come up too bad for a first go.Here's the set all nice and clean.No-one can ever remember seeing this cookie jar so who
knows where it came from!A cute little chicken pot holder, still with it's tag.A sweet little vase.Do you remember Holly Hobby? Here's my money box. I just loved Holly Hobby when I was younger. This mug wasn't in the shed but I thought I'd show you it anyway. It's been in my cup drawer forever!
It would now be over 30 years old.And last but not least, this very cute(?) duck toothpick holder. Just the thing for those pre-dinner cheese and kabana nibblies!


A Christy Production said...

WOW! Everything is awesome! I love the dessert glasses. Amazing what you can dig up when you have the time isn't it. I should go over my nan's one day for a dig :)

CurlyPops said...

OMG that duck is the cutest thing ever! What a treasure trove.