18 May, 2011

Footy news, some sewing and prizes!

Monday night Travis Cloake and a couple of rookies from the Collingwood Football Club came to Yarrambat to do some drills with the boys. There was even a hand-balling competition which Nelson won. He was lucky enough to get a new Yarrambat Football bag. The zip's broken on his old one so now I don't have to buy a replacement!Here's Nelson getting Travis' autograph on his footy jumper.
I cut into one of the pumpkins that had popped up in the garden from the compost. It was so orange that it stained my hand. I made a big pot of yummy pumpkin soup with it. It's fantastic eating things that have come out of your own garden.

I have been getting a little sewing done.I made this bag for a friend's significant birthday.Another Dee Dee Dolphin.

I've also been a bit lucky lately and have won a few prizes from blogs.
I won this a little while ago from Jo of Jo's Country Junction and forgot to post about it. It's some tape to fuse pieces of batting together. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Thanks Jo!I also won these gorgeous wooden buttons and pattern from Lisa of Button Bliss. Thank you Lisa.
This parcel arrived from Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits. Two beautiful applique books plus a couple of raspberry chocolates and some tea to enjoy while I read them. Thank you Michelle (and Harrington).
I've certainly been very lucky lately. There's something else that I've won but I'll post about that when it arrives.
If only I could be so lucky and win lotto!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love pumpkin soup - with homemade bread, real comfort food. Just love those dolphin stuffies, so cute! So many squishies - Happy May for Me to you!

Anonymous said...

gee Christine you have been so busy and the boys have done well,what a buzz for them having some collingwood players there.
Your bag looks great and i agree things taste better out of your own garden,alot more flavour in them,and they are a beautiful deep colour thats what i always look for in a pumpkin,and i see dee dee is multiplying,lol.they look great,well done

Anonymous said...

gee Christine you are on a roll well done and keep going maybe tattslotto next,lol.

Maria said...

Very eciting for the boys to have a special visitor.
Oh yummy I love pumpkin soup and also pumpkin scones.
Lovely bag. I am sure your friend will love it.
Cute dolphin too.
You have had some great mail lately.

Tonya said...

I tried a pumpkin soup recipe once and HATED it. But then I don't much like squash either and it tasted squashy.

You are on a winning streak!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Pumpkin soup sounds wonderful! Love those dolphins. They are so cute! Glad you liked your goodies.
xx, shell

Cheryll said...

How good is that! All those WiNs...well done! Love the bliss buttons... they are a wonderful product! Good for YoU! :)