04 June, 2011

RAK ready to go!

I joined in Maree's RAK (Random Act of Kindness) swap and I was given the month of June to send my parcel to someone special. I'll be popping these into an envelope and sending them off in the post on Monday.
Hope my person likes her surprise!

Thanks to everyone for their get well wishes to Austin. We'll be having his ankle x-rayed again on Monday. Hopefully then he can start putting a little weight on his foot and slowly get rid of the crutches.
On the sewing front, I've been working a bit on my double wedding ring quilt. Had a small disaster on Thursday night at guild. I was pressing one of the rings when horror of horrors, it left some black marks on the white centre. I managed to get most of it off but I'm going to replace the centre. It's very hard to see but I will always know it is there. After spending all this time on the quilt I don't want to regret that I never replaced the piece.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday sewing. But I can't show you anything yet as it's for my partner in the 2011 Santa Sack Swap.


Sharmayne said...

What a shame that happened, but you are right, if you don't replace it now, you'll always wish you had. It's looking fantastic:)

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love your wedding ring quilt. Indeed,you'll be glad you took the time to replace that piece. Keeping fingers, toes and bunny ears crossed that the crutches can go in the closet very soon. :)
xx, shell

shez said...

Glad Austin is getting better,ohh noo
the dreaded marks hope all is well with the quilt.
All these secret swaps are lots of fun,your parcel looks intrigueing,i wonder what it is??

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Glad Austin is improving - always take the time to heal - young or old. You are right with replacing the damaged piece - it would just nag at you and too much work is into one of these pieces. Love the peeks and teases.

Maria said...

You will be pleased you did replace the centre peice. It has to be right after all your hard work.
Good luck on Monday Austin. Be nice to get rid of those crutches.
What not even a sneek peek at the secret gifts. LOL

Cheryll said...

You wouldn't be happy unless you did replace the centre... it would always find you and glare!
It's sooo hard making things that we can't show yet isn't it... but come December it will be worth it! Cheers :)

Tonya said...

An RAK swap sounds like great fun. I have never done a wedding ring. Someday another fear to face...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Guess what....your person totally loved her gift...and was blown away that you had sent her such a wonderful RAK.....Christine your quilt is stunning and I am sure you will be happy that you replaced the piece....(an email is coming)..xx