19 March, 2012

Weekend Sports Update!

Austin came 3rd in the high jump which made him happy. He would have been happier if he had managed his personal best height. He'll have to try again next year. Here here is with his friend Will (left) and Daniel (centre) at the medal presentation.
Nelson did his best but unfortunately didn't get any medals this time. He did come 4th in the 200 metres. Here he is doing long jump. 
Austin doing his long jump.
Nelson with Dad!

Now for Mitchell's cricket Grand Final. What a nerve wracking match. Mitchell's team Diamond Creek (DC) were playing Whittlesea. On Saturday, Whittlesea had DC all out for 107 runs! Oh dear! But yesterday, DC fought back and got Whittlesea out for 94! Diamond Creek has won the first innings. Next Saturday the match continues. 
Mitchell is back in batting (that's him in the photo). Diamond Creek have to stay in for as long as they can and get as many runs as they can. There will only be 68 overs (6 balls per over) played. The only way for Whittlesea to win is to get all of DC out (10 players) and then make more runs than DC does. But it has to be done within the 68 overs for the day! (I hope I haven't confused you all too much! I know I'm confused! LOL)
Noel and Dean - Official Scorers!

Next Saturday will be another tense match. Hopefully I can report back with good news!
 I received these four fat eigths from Gail of Patchwork with Gail B. They are Echino by Melody Miller. I've got an idea of what I might do with these. Thank you Gail.
Finally, a lovely little package arrived in the mail today. A cute little "Happy House". It was from Kathy of Sew Happy House. It was one of the first lot of giveaways in the Friends With Benefits Sew-Happy Housemates Swap. Thank you Kathy.


Fiona said...

A busy sporting weekend... such fun (I miss them now my lot have grown up!) ... pretty fabrics - I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.. and what a lovely little house ornament...

Anonymous said...

well done boys you did well and enjoyed the day.Cute fabrics and what a lovely little house,well done on your win Christine.xx

Maria said...

Congratulations to ALL the boys....
Nice fabrics and a cute house too.
DD2 and I made a house for each other which we will swap for Easter.. I hope to get an egg too...

Kathy said...

Check out all those smiles! It's great to see the whole family enjoying a sporty weekend :) so happy you like your happy house.
Hugs, Kathy

Cheryll said...

Well done Olympians! Love the fabric and the house and the story of your weekend. :)