15 June, 2012

Outback Adventure Part 5

 From Uluru we drove to Kings Canyon. We headed off on the Kings Canyon Walk around the rim of the canyon. The photos don't show the true beauty of the canyon.

 First section was this big climb.
I took this photo from the bottom. You can just make out a rocky path.
On the way up.
 At the top.
 This is called the Garden of Eden
That ridge is where we have come from!
The other side of the ridge.
If you look closely, you can see a little gecko sitting on the dark rock. I don't know how, but Nelson spotted him as we were walking. He was only about 4cm long (if that)!
 On the way back down.

 The next day we went on the Kings Creek Walk.
 This photo was taken on the Kings Creek Walk. Up on that ledge is where we walked the day before!
 Sunset at Kings Canyon.
 Dingos roamed the caravan park at night. Here's one heading our way. Someone told me they saw one right outside our van door when I was inside!
This little snake was sitting outside the men's toilet block!

 That's probably more than enough of Kings Canyon. I couldn't possibly show you all the photos. Next stop is Alice Springs. I'll save that for another day.


Cheryll said...

Great pic's (well except the one with the snake in it) but the scenery is sensational. I'm loving it! :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

I hope the snake has gone for a long winters nap by the time we get there. Great pics can't wait now.

Maria said...

I loved Kings Canyon. I thought it was better the Ayres Rock..
Great Photos.
Is the snake a python or a nasty one???/

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics Christine,what a lovely place.xx

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Ok, so I am trying to catch up on your posts and I absolutely LOVE most of the photos on this post...lovely quiltspiration...but if you keep showing me photos like that last one..well..dare I move on...