10 July, 2012

Vanilla Slices!

 Austin decided he would like to make some vanilla slices on the holidays. Mitchell got into the act as well.
 Out of the tin.
 One slice all ready to eat.
 Nelson wants a bite Austin!
I've signed up for this Friday's FNSI with Heidi. Not too sure what I'll be working on. Perhaps a good night to do some prep work. Head over here to sign up.


Kathy said...

Delicious - Vanilla Slice is one of my favourites :) Your boys did a great job!

Hugs Kathy

PS Look how tall they are!

Bev C said...

Hello Christine and boys.

Yum Yum Vanilla Slice is my all time favourite food. It is so great to see your boys doing this. You are a good Mum.

Happy days.

Maddy said...

Yum Yum Vanilla Slice had one the other day. I have just started my diet knowing all our B'days are behind us until October. Look Soooo Good. Not Fair.

shez said...

how yummy does that look,what recipe did you use Austin? By geez looks as good as you would get from the bakery,well done mate.xx

Kaisievic said...

Those boys did such a good job of making the vanilla slices - they look delicious. Thanks for the reminder re FNSI.

Fiona said...

That looks fantastic ... since the boys can't share with us maybe they would show us how to do it too?
thanks for the fnsi reminder..

marina said...

Yum! love vanilla slices. They did a great job of them.
Have been catching up on your blog love your holiday snaps. and your santa sacks.
How will you last not opening them?
Love your new header, very snazzy!

Maria said...

Oh Austin I just LOVE Vanilla slices.. Your's looks soooooo delicious no wonder Nelson wants some.
I signed up fro FNSI thanks Christine.

Simone said...

The vanilla slices look so yummy. I usually sign up for FNSI. So thanks for the reminder. I too light get some things together for my upcoming trip to Broken Hill.

Melody said...

Delicious looking, my very favourites.