23 October, 2013

Stepping Back In Time!

On Monday, Mel and I were lucky enough to be invited along to visit The Costume Collection. It is sometimes called the Melbourne Costume Museum.
Here we are with Loel, the owner of all these beautiful items. Loel is a private collector who has dedicated her time and money to the collection, preserving and displaying over
200 years of Australian fashion.
There were fashions from right back in 1788!

Loel started off by telling us the history of how her collection began and then had many interesting stories about life "in the old days".
I could have sat there all day listening to her!
Part of someone's Trousseau in amazing condition.
We then could wander through the museum to see all the fashions. They were all original clothing, not reproductions.
 Jane Austen period.
 Picnic at Hanging Rock.
 The 1950's.
 Children's clothing.

 Both Mel and I were totally blown away with what we saw. 
I'll show you some more photos another day. 
Mel will have some too.


Deb R said...

what a wonderful step back in time. Must have been wonderful to see the outfits up close. You and Mel have great adventures together!

Anonymous said...

wow thankyou for sharing Christine,they are amazing.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

Amazing, love the children's outfits.
Thanks so much for sharing.
Happy days.

Cheryll said...

Just wonderful!!!
You two girls certainly get around to some great places! :)

Fiona said...

just amazing... how lucky you are to get to see all those...

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

What an amazing collection. Looks like a fun way to spend the day! I especially love the fashions of the Jane Austen period. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Ridgway said...

How amazing to see such a wonderful collection..lucky ducks xx

Cheryl said...

You lucky girls Christine - what an amazing collection

Gina E. said...

How did you get to go there?? I've been wanting to visit this place for years, but I heard you have to be invited, or go in a group. Glad you posted all those photos - now I don't have to worry about going myself, lol! Nice to have the money to have your own museum. Sigh...

Charlie and Wendy said...

The displays look amazing, I can imagine they were lovely to see! You have been busy with birthdays in your family lately!

Kaisievic said...

How have I never heard of this collection? Amazing! Lucky you and Mel.