12 December, 2013

Six Items Christmas Swap!

 My Secret Angel in the Angels and Mortals Six Items Christmas Swap turned out to be Carol from Club Quilt Narromine. Carol was one of my first swap partners 
when I first started swapping. It was for the 
F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap back in 2010.
"Something for the sewing room"
A lovely sewing pouch. 
You should see how beautiful Carol's stitching is!
Inside were some extra goodies. 
A cute stitched bird scissor keep, fat quarter, 
varigated threads, needles and a quick unpick.
"Something for the tree"
Three new additions for my special Blogging Friends tree.
"Something smelly"
Hand cream, skin softener, soap and a knitted cloth. 
I'm going to smell so nice!
"Something to read"
I've had my eye on Lynette's book for a while! 
There was also a lovely bookmark.
"Something to eat"
Yummy short breads in the cutest Christmas tree tin and a couple of coffee sachets to enjoy with the short breads. 
Carol also sent along some lollies for the boys.
 The final gift is "For Under the Tree". 
It is waiting in my sewing room as we don't want to risk putting any gifts under the tree just in case that 
cheeky Molly decides to have a chew!

Thank you so much Carol. You have really spoilt me.
Thank you to Maree for organising this year's fun 
Angels and Mortals Swaps.


Anonymous said...

wow Christine what a gorgeous lot of goodies Carol sent you,isnt it lovely being spoilt,enjoy your lovely gifts Christine and i hope you have a wonderful day.xx

Jennifer said...

What lovely, thoughtful and creative gifts. You deserve to be spoilt every so often, enjoy.

Fiona said...

those are lovely thoughtful gifts...

Susan said...

Lovely gifts and decorations.

Sharmayne said...

Such a lovely swap and what a lovely selection of gifts!

Maree: said...

Well Done Christine Carol has Certainly sent you a Lovely Parcel of Gifts...
Thanks for being part of our Group.

Anonymous said...

what a awesome swap !
hugs xo

creations.1 said...

A lovely lot of gifts - I love the tree ornaments!!

DAWNIE said...

Oh some lovely presents there Christine how cut is that button tree decoration. The creativity of everyone just blows me away . Lucky you with some new reading material too. Gorgeous everythings