31 January, 2014

National Mug Rug Day!

 Did you know today is National Rug Mug Day?

Mug rugs have become quite a big thing in blog land. 
They make lovely gifts for friends. 
I usually buy a mug and then try to match fabric to it. Sometimes I have the fabric and then have to try to find a matching mug. That is a bit trickier!

Looking back through my photos, 
I have made a few mug rugs.
 I always try to make one that I know 
the recipient would love.
My lovely friend Shez of Enjoying Life just loves mug rugs!
 You should pop over and visit her blog to see her collection. Mug rugs have been arriving in the mail 
with no names on the envelopes!
 It's a bit of a mystery really!
 I made this one for a Winter Wonderland Swap.

I scanned the Snowy Owl on the mug and
appliqued it onto the rug.
Then there's the signature mug rug I finished this week.

I've also got a couple I haven't blogged about before.
These two mug rugs were from me! Hehehehe!

Pop over and say hello to Shez and check out 
all her gorgeous mug rugs!

Happy National Rug Mug Day!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are just lovely Christine - by the way, love that kittie mug!

Cheryll said...

Oh YOU are one NauGHtY girl Christine... but wonderful!
Shez would still be smiling I imagine! :)

Maria said...

LOL Great post and I am sure Shez will love it.

Anonymous said...

Lol you buggar I never thought for one minute that you were behind the appearing mug rugs,lol,.
They say it's the quiet ones that you have to watch,lol, you made it a lot of fun and mystery there for awhile,lol,you have put a big smile on my face .xx

Fiona said...

Happy MugRug day.. I love your rugs and especially that you match them with the mugs... perfect...

Cath said...

You have lots of mug rugs Christine. I have never made one nor do I have one but I do have a few patterns in case I need to make one for.a swap or something

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love all of these! How fun. You Aussie gals are the best.

Leanne said...

Crazy girls, looks like you all tricked Shez.

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

You have a wonderful collection that you have made. Love how you match the mug with the mat.Happy National Mug Mat Day, have a cuppa and think of Shez.

Happy days.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Happy Mug Rug Day Christine

Cheryl said...

Happy Mug Rug day Christine - has been lots of fun visiting everyone's blog for this very special day lol

Briar Rose said...

You sew great Mug Rugs Christine.
We Did have fun didn't we?
Enjoy the day.
Cheers R.

Tania said...

Happy National Mug Rug Day Christine! It has been such a fun day with all the different blog posts x

Karen said...

Great collection and you sure are enjoying stirring Shez.

Helen said...

Sew many gorgeous mug rugs, well done Christine !

Simone Harding said...

I saw my mug and mug rug in the first phot I use it everyday. Lots if great mug rugs in your post.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You Too.....LOL....

Gina E. said...

Who the heck decides on these Days?? I log in to read a few of my favourite blogs and everybody is saying it's Mug Rug Day! You've made some lovely rugs, Christine - I went mad on them a few years ago, and everyone on my birthday and Christmas list got 'em ;-)
I think I must have burnt myself out because I haven't had the urge to make any ever since then!

Anthea said...

Beautiful mug rugs there Christine, and I do love the look of the co-ordinating cup! x