16 December, 2015

Presentation Night - Night Two!

Last night we went to the Senior Presentation Night. 
Austin was presented as Senior House Captain for Meers for 2016. That's him fourth from the left. 
I can't believe he is going into Year 12!
Austin also received a VCAL Leadership Award.

Congratulations Austin.
We are very proud of you.
Love Mum, Dad, Mitchell and Nelson.


Christine Barnsley said...

Congratulations to Austin! Your boys are doing so well Christine, you must be very proud! Christine x

Maria said...

Congratulations Austin on a great year .. Wishing you all the best next year for your year 12 studies...

kiwikid said...

Well done Austin.. best wishes for next year.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Austin,well done,what wonderful boys you have Christine xx

Karen S said...

Congratulations to Austin on his wonderful achievements.