02 January, 2016

Nelson Has Moved Out!

 Out of his bedroom and into to the laundry!
 Nelson has always shared a room with Austin 
but really wanted his own room.
 He talked Noel into letting him move. 
So now he shares a bedroom with the washing machine!
 It was much easier than him moving into the sewing room.
 Can you imagine moving all this?
Not to mention my cabinet that we had to 
remove the window to get it in!

Nelson had a good night's sleep in his new room. 
Although something may have happened to him overnight. 
He actually made his bed before he came into the house!


Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

What a great size laundry, hope Nelson enjoys the new room and doesn't get too lonely.

Happy days.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, maybe you can even get him to do the laundry as long as they share the same room.

Karen S said...

Great idea. Looks like a win, win to me!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Ooo, the clean laundry fairy perhaps??

Ondrea said...

LOL, maybe he found the elves out there? At least you have your children still at home. I hated mine leaving. I even got Sarsha to make copies of her music for me as I loved listening to it. The upside is I have a sewing room .Nelson having the sewing room was not really an option was it? LOL

Susan said...

Maybe he will do all the washing while he's in there! Boys will sleep anywhere to have their own room.

Christine Barnsley said...

Happy New Year Christine! Hope Nelson enjoys his new room!! Have a great 2016! Christine x

Maria said...

I agree Christine. Definitely not the sewing room ...any way Nelson looks very cosy in his new room. Maybe another quilt to throw over the machine...

Liz said...

Gosh, what a lot of books!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Fiona said...

great move.... glad your sewing space is safe!!

kiwikid said...

Phew!!! I am glad you didn't have your sewing room taken away!! Nice big laundry....hope he does the washing for you too Christine while he is in there!! Lol!!

Helen said...

Whew ... Good choice the laundry looks like a great size