26 July, 2016

A Clayton's Christmas!

Today was opening day for our No Fuss Swappers Clayton's Christmas Swap. We had to send four items: 
a Christmas decoration, Christmas fat quarter, 
Christmas button/s and a small treat.
 De from Re-DE-Zines sent me my gift.
 Look at the beautiful decoration she made me.
 De was very clever and made my button 
after stitching a little Christmas hat.
Isn't this the cutest fabric! I haven't seen this one before.
 My small treat is a Toblerone. Yum!

Thank you for my lovely gifts, De.
Thank you also to Sandi, Teresa, Helen and Nor 
for organising this fun swap.

I'll show you what I sent to Helen in another post.


Maria said...

WOW! Such great gifts Christine.. How clever of De to make your button , love the ornie and that is the cutest fabric..
Will be interesting to see what you use it for. Will be a great border...

Jo said...

Great gifts from De.
Especially love the decoration. They are on my to do list.

Karen S said...

Great idea and lovely gifts.

Sandi said...

Love what De has made you..xx

Baa. xxx said...

Lovely gifts. Great swap idea.

Ondrea said...

Lovely array of gifts there. Enjoy!