07 August, 2016

100 Games!

 Today Nelson had his 100 games banner 
at the Preliminary Final.
 A guard of honour by his team mates.
 All that hard work gone in a couple of seconds!
 Going for a goal.
Unfortunately the boys were outplayed today. 
It was a hard fought match and they lost their 
Preliminary Final by 6 points.

Congratulations Nelson.
You've had a great season.

Go Bats!


Helen said...

How exciting for Nelson 100 games wow...

Maria said...

WOW 100 games, well done Nelson..

Baa. xxx said...

100 games - that's pretty cool. Yep, poor banner - gone in seconds!

Ondrea said...

Wooohooo Nelson! Is there anything your boy can't do LOL. Must take after his mum.