18 November, 2016

Austin's Valedictory

Last night was Austin's Valedictory Dinner.
Austin and the lovely Paris out front.
Caytlin, Joy, Ellie, April, Tom, Jarad and Austin have been at Plenty Valley Christian College since Prep. There were another two but they had left before we managed to get a photo of them. I think it's very special to go through
thirteen years of schooling at one school.

Year 12 is nearly over.
Only Presentation Night and Graduation to go!


Maria said...

Such a gorgeous couple... great photo of the young adults .. sure is special to have attended the some school for 13years.

Christine Barnsley said...

Looks like they had a lovely time! Congratulations to Austin! Christine x

Baa. xxx said...

Very special to be together all that time!

Dasha said...

13 years is 3/4 of their lives! What a change it will be for them all when they leave school and go on the next step of their journey through life.