15 March, 2019

Kitchen Tea Goodies!

  Alisha's is the first of the kitchen teas and is tomorrow. 
I made both Alisha and Carly a shopping bag to put
their goodies in instead of buying gift bags.
These are handy little bags as they roll up and 
you can keep them in your handbag.
 This is Alisha's bag.
And her kitchen goodies. 
In case you are wondering, those two peg looking things on the
 right are magnetic clips for the fridge.
Alisha also asked that instead of giving a card, could we print out a
favourite recipe. They will then be put into a special recipe book for her.
This bag is for Carly.
Carly's goodies. Yes, they are both getting the same gifts!
All packed up and ready to go!


Julie said...

Gosh Christine .... I just LOVE your gift goodies!! How beautiful it all looks. Such lucky girls to be receiving some lovely handmade gifts. I took your idea & remembered to buy some rubber gloves last week so will be making some of these.

Helen said...

Wonderful gifts....

Lin said...

What a brilliant idea and I love the bags. Xx

Christine B said...

Beautiful gifts Christine... they are lucky girls! Have a wonderful weekend! Christine xx

Cheryll said...

They are brilliant Christine. Both make wonderful gifts... xox

Maria said...

What a wonderful way to pack the girls great gifts...
Love the recipe idea instead of a card.
Have fun at the Kitchen Teas?

Karen S said...

I hope they enjoy their gifts and that you had a great time.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful bags Christine and the best kitchen tea gifts.