07 April, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

I finally got the binding on and began stitching it down on the Nativity. 
I haven't stitched the top binding on yet as I'm still deciding how I am going to
 hang it - with a rod pocket or tabs. It will either be hung with a 
gold rod and cord or perhaps a star hanger.
Saturday was spent with the Chit Chat Crafters. 
This time we didn't work on our stitching, we had a special project.
We decorated magnets with "Diamond Dots". 
There wasn't much chit chat as we were all 
concentrating on the task at hand!
 You can see where I have worked on the bottom section. 
It was actually quite relaxing.
 All finished!  I really enjoyed making this but I think it will be a one off.
 Thank you to Chez for hosting us.
You can see what the others worked on here.


Maria said...

A Star hanger would look lovely on the Nativity...
Pretty Butterfly ... Lots of ladies are hooked on this craft ...

Ondrea said...

Gorgeous flutterby. Your Nativity is so lovely and both your hanging ideas would be great. Well done!

Cheryll said...

It's always NiCe having your company at FNwF... & your nativity will be gorgeous however you finish it...xox

Karen said...

Good on you Christine. Friends have been doing this but I just can't get into it at all. I think your butterfly looks pretty.

kiwikid said...

A star hanger would look great for your nativity quilt. I have a friend who is madly into the diamond dots, your butterfly is pretty.