08 June, 2019

Friday Night With Friends And A Netball Injury!

 I started putting the rows together of a new baby quilt. 
I used a charm pack of Bonnie and Camille's "Scrumptious" 
and other B&C fabrics. I had just enough different ones that I did 
not have to double up on any of them.
 When I laid the rows out to take a photo, I saw my mistake. 
I forgot to turn the triangles around. Lucky I only did two rows 
like this so not much unpicking to be done.
 Then I worked on the applique of the third block 
of my "Happy Stitcher" hanging.
Making progress. 
I'm doing all the applique first and then I'll do the stitching part.
 Thank you to Chez for hosting us last night. 
You can see what others got up to here.
Wednesday night I got a phone call from Austin. "Nelson's broken his nose"! 
Then the photo came. Mitchell, Austin, Nelson, Paris and Steph have been 
playing netball this year. Austin finished a few weeks ago 
when he popped his good shoulder. Now Nelson!
 So off to the Austin Hospital.
 I met them at the hospital. For the first time ever, 
we walked into an empty waiting room in emergency. 
Mitchell, Steph and Laura stayed in the waiting room. Poor Laura. 
It was her elbow that got Nelson. She was so upset.
The doctors were more worried about blood clots but all was good. 
They don't think it's broken although there may be a slight fracture 
which will heal itself. His nose looks quite crooked but it appears to 
be the swelling on the side he took the main hit. 
As the swelling is going down, it doesn't look as crooked.
Today the bruising is starting to come out. 

And I thought netball was a non-contact sport! 
Think they should just stick to football!
Never a dull moment at MacDonald's Patch!


Maria said...

Lucky you spotted the mistake before you went any further with the sweet baby quilt.
Great progress with the applique on your " Happy Sticher " wall hanging..

Pleased all turned out okay with NELSON'S nose but will be tender for awhile..

marina said...

pretty fabrics for your baby quilt.
Love your applique blocks,
Poor Nelson! looks painful. Empty emergency?? it's like winning the lottery isn't it

Ondrea said...

Oh dear , you must have been so worried. Hope all is well now. Your baby quilt is looking good and your applique is lovely. Have a warm weekend.

Christine B said...

Lovely projects you are working on Christine! Sorry that Nelson got injured and I hope he's a lot better now!! Have a good weekend! Christine xx

Julie said...

Your two projects look wonderful Christine. I love them both so much. So sorry to read about Nelsons injury ... but I must say, I was astounded that you walked into an emtpy Emergency waiting room! That definately must be a first. I hope by the time you get this his nose is on the mend.

kiwikid said...

Besutiful baby quilt you have started Christine. Your applique looks wonderful too.
I hope Nelsons nose is healing ok, how lucky to find emergency empty!!

Raewyn said...

Your baby quilt and applique project both look lovely Christine. I love those simple but effective projects made with charm squares. I hope your son heals quickly with no hassles - it sounds like it could have been worse than what it was - phew. We've had cracked ribs and a broken wrist in our family with winter sports - but that was rugby though not netball!

The Sloan Patch said...

Love your projects. The fresh colours of the baby quilt are gorgeous, and the blocks are gorgeous. Hope the injuries are settling down!

Cheryll said...

The baby quilt will be a cutie... also the stitchery.
And I hope Nelson's nose heals straight & he keeps on with his netball career... lol... xox

Radka said...

I like your applique blocks :-)