01 July, 2020

OPAM For June and A New House!

 I just scrapped in for June OPAM with one finish.
The baby quilt I finished yesterday.
 I've also been making another baby quilt for a little girl 
due very soon too. Just the binding to be stitched down on this one. 
Funny when you realise your nail polish matches your project!
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired. 
My mojo seems to be returning so hopefully I'll have 
some more finishes in the not too distant future.
You might remember back in March that Mitchell and Steph
bought a house. It is about a one minute drive from
our place and 200 metres from Steph's house!
Moving day was the 19th June.
Such an exciting time for them.
This is their lovely house (that's a bungalow at the side).
Lucky Mitchell knew a good truck driver to move everything!
I now have my laundry back after it being filled with their
furniture that they purchased ready for the big move.
Nelson's still waiting for Mitchell to get the rest of his clothes and things
so that he can move into Mitchell's old room.
Then I get to move back into my old sewing room!


Lin said...

What a sweet looking house! i hope that they will be very happy there - and that you soon get your sewing room back! xx

kiwikid said...

Well done on the finish Christine. That is a cute looking house, I hope they will be very happy there, and how good it it being close to both sets of parents. Always good to find a handy truck driver!!

Christine B said...

Congratulations on your pretty baby quilts Christine. It has been a difficult time to feel inspired to sew at the moment, so I hope your mojo returns in abundance soon! What a beautiful house Mitchell ans Steph have bought and how nice to be so close to them! Take care! Christine xxx

Dawn said...

How nice to have the family so close, just down the road, it is a lovely area. I must whip up a few baby quilts to keep in the cupboard, you’ve given me an idea.

Ondrea said...

A lovely finish and the new baby quilt is looking pretty. Love your nail polish. I haven't had my nails done since just prior to lockdown and I had to remove the gel polish myself. My nails look naked to me now as I usually have nail polish on all the time. Lovely new home. I hope they are very happy there.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful home!! Oh my, how blessed they are. :-)