31 October, 2020

Meet The Girls!

 Meet Gertie, Mabel, Ruby and Dot!
It has been over eight and a half years since we had chickens. 
They were taken by a fox while I was away buying their food. 
It was always planned to build a more fox proof yard but it 
just never happened. Although when the fox got them, 
they were roaming around the yard, not in their area. 
Noel and Austin started rebuilding the chicken run. 
The house has been moved up higher in the yard.
Molly and Rex made sure everything was right!
They seem to like their new home.
Molly and Rex on guard duty. 
In case you're wondering, Rex has a sore on his head 
that he kept scratching, so out came the cone! 
It's almost healed now so he'll be happy to get it off.
This is looking up from where the chicken house used to be. 
Noel has made it into his orchard and veggie garden.
Looking down from the new house.

We're just waiting for them to start laying 
which should be any day now. 
I have missed having those yummy fresh eggs!


Cheryll said...

Looks like 5 star accommodation to me...
Great work & "the girls" will love it...xox

kiwikid said...

The chooks should be super happy in their new improved home. The garden beds look great too.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I lost my chooks to a fox a few months ago and we just bought supplies to make a better coop... I miss the fresh eggs too! Love your veggie garden as well... xx

Maria said...

That’s a great new home for Gertie Mabel Ruby and Dot... hope they reward you soon with nice fresh 🥚..
Super veggie patch and orchid there too!

Lin said...

Ooo how lovely - fresh eggs! Looks like a great new home for your chickens and great veggie plot too. xx