22 March, 2010

I Knew I Could Grow One!

On Christmas eve, Nelson and I bought a punnet of two watermelon plants. Noel said we'd never get a melon with it. Well, I proved him wrong. Yes, it is only small but it is a watermelon!
Quite early on, one of the chickens dug up one of the plants and it didn't recover. This melon had stopped getting any bigger and we picked it on the weekend. But it was yellow on the inside!
I had a look at the label and it looks like this is a Pollinizer watermelon. It came as a bonus with the Seedless Red watermelon. It grows lots of flowers which then encourage fruit set in the Seedless Red variety. Oh well! It was still a watermelon!


mandapanda said...

The only melons we've grown have just come up themselves from our compost heap! I think they were those weird wild melons though. We cut them open and just gave them to the chooks. So well done for even growing this one. I wonder why it's so hard to grow them...? Oh well.

Cath Ü said...

It is the wrong season .... they are grown late in the year... I think... always grown around here before Christmas......

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