24 February, 2017

Our Wonderful Cruise (Part 3)

Each day when we came back to our room, Dewa 
our Cabin Steward, would have a towel animal 
waiting for us on our bed.
A pig.
One day we came into the room and was very disappointed that no animal was waiting for us. Then I turned around and found this monkey hanging from the ceiling!
These are some of the animals by the Serenity pool. Aardvarks.
Not sure if this is a swan or a turtle.
So a little bit of towel fun!

I hope you've enjoyed a little snapshot of our cruise. We had so much fun and I'm sure we'll be going again some time.


Maria said...

Oh how sweet !!! sew are you making an animal each day and putting it on the beds ???

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have enjoyed all your post on your trip. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time.

Jo said...

They are so clever. It is a simple way of putting a smile on your face. Brilliant

kiwikid said...

That would make you smile every day wouldn't it!!!

Christine Barnsley said...

They are brilliant! Such a lot of fun! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Kaisievic said...

These are adorable and so much fun!

Karen S said...

Love the way they do these. Did they have a session where they taught you how to do them?

The Patch Craft said...

I know someone who is going to love this..... Love the insight only 5 months till we go

Baa. xxx said...

Love the towel creations!