01 September, 2017

OPAM and Molly Has A Friend Sleepover!

For the first time since 2012, 
I have NO finishes for the month! Nothing, zero, zip! I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. Hopefully, I can find it soon. I have done a little stitching and have been helping Nelson with a sewing project for school which is at least something.
 Thanks to Peg and Kris for organising OPAM.
This is Mogwai. 
She is Austin's girlfriend, Paris' dog. She has been having a sleep over here while Austin is in Queensland with Paris and her family enjoying the beautiful weather up there.
They seem to be ignoring each other here. It's a bit different staying overnight rather than just coming for a walk together. Mogwai had been coming over for walks 
for a few weeks to get used to each other.
 It took a little be of trial and error for them to get coordinated when taking them for a walk by myself.
 This way?
 No, this way!
 Finally, sorted out.
Austin making a new friend. Look at that blue sky!
Seems they are having lots of fun. 
Not too sure about that pose of Austin's though!


Leanne said...

Hi Christine
I think my mojo is hiding with yours, Lately I seem to have lost the mood to sew. I'm sure it will return.

Austin looks like he is having a great day. The weather look awesome.

kiwikid said...

The weather looks wonderful in Queensland! Good to see the dogs have worked out the walking order!! Not easy walking two at once. Hope they are well settled together.

Maria said...

It's good to have a break from sewing . I'm sure your mojo will return soon. What's Nelson working on.
Love the photos of the dogs.🐕🐶
Austin and Paris are having fun in the sun ☀️

Jo said...

I'd get tangled up walking 2 dogs. They'll get used to each other by the time the holiday is over.

Karen S said...

It sounds like you have still been busy stitching, even if not on your own projects. Sometimes a break is not a bad thing.
I think it is great that the two dogs are getting along and that the walking has sorted out.
Hope you are back to your own sewing soon.

Baa. xxx said...

Hmmm.....that blue sky does look good!!