25 November, 2017

Molly Has Some News!

 Hi Everyone. It's Molly here. 
I wanted to introduce you to my new brother. 
His name is Rex.
 Mum went to see him at the RSPCA after she 
saw his photo on the website.
Before she left, they had changed his information to "adoption pending". He is officially Nelson's puppy. Unfortunately, due to their opening hours and Nelson's work, he couldn't get to check Rex out. But he told Mum that if she thought he was perfect for us, he would be happy. This happened Thursday.
 So yesterday, Mum took me to meet Rex (although they called him Lucky) to see if we got on okay. Here we are having a walk outside the shelter, getting to know each other. Everyone was happy, especially Rex. 
He now has a forever home with us.
 Checking out the front garden.
He found one of Nelson's shoes. Everyone is going to have to make sure they don't leave shoes around! 
I'm a good girl and don't chew shoes!
 Rex has a pen to give us both some space.
 Nelson got home from work and finally got to meet Rex. 
He wanted to wait until he meet Rex in person before giving him a name. I like the name Rex, don't you?
We had lots of fun running around the back yard.
 We like to have barking matches to see who can bark the loudest! I hope Tweety's ears are okay.
 Don't tell Rex but I think he lies down in a funny way! LOL!
 He is a very good boy. He has now been here for over 24 hours and he hasn't had one accident. How good is that!
We've been playing and running around lots.
Sssshhhhh! He's sleeping now.

Love Molly (big sister)


Jo said...

Oh how cute.
You are going to have some fun now...put your shoes away.

Maria said...

Oh I think Rex is very lucky to have come to live with you and the family...looks like you are having lots of fun playing chase together....

kiwikid said...

How lucky is Rex to find a home with you all!! Molly seems to be having fun chasing and being chased. He is a cute looking little guy. Watch your shoes though!!

Karen S said...

This is super special. And even more so that you have chosen a rescue pet. Lots of fun years ahead!!

Baa. xxx said...

Oh Molly. How lucky are you! What a wonderful younger brother they have got you. I bet you can still win the barking contest, but watch out Rex might improve with age!
Rex, you are one handsome boy, and so lucky to have a forever home with Nelson. What fun you are going to have - especially running around and playing catch.

Julie said...

Rex is gorgeous Christine. And what a wonderful life he will get to have at your place. How great!

Anthea said...

Hi Molly, Oh I'm so happy for you that you have a brother now! He sure is a busy little guy, but I'm sure he'll settle down & you will have many happy days together. I hope he doesn't find too many of Nelson's shoes! Rex has a wonderful family to love him now, & Nelson looks very happy to have a doggy of his own... woof woof!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

He's adorable!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx