09 December, 2017

FNWF And Other Things!

I joined Cheryll and the girls last night for Friday Night With Friends. I did a little stitching on my bee table runner.
 Rex checking out my stitching!
I also tried getting the pin cushion to sit nicely in this jar. 
I wasn't very successful and put it away 
to try again another time.
 Thanks for hosting us last night, Chez.
I was the lucky winner of October's Friday Night Sew-In with Wendy at Sugarlane Designs. Thank you for 
the lovely charm pack, Wendy.
 I also received a lovely gift from Maria  over at Life On The Block. It has gone straight to my "Blogging Friends Christmas Tree"! Thank you Maria.
Rex has been having fun exploring the garden.
 The other night he fell in the pond but got himself
out pretty quickly. No fish were hurt!
Molly and Rex have been getting on very well. They play all day and are great company for each other.
I've done the first baking of the almond bread. 
Now to slice it and do the second baking. 

I've also been trying to update my blog. A long time ago I seem to have lost my background and header. 
I've tried putting a new one on but no luck. Maybe it's just me! I'm not very technical. Hopefully, I can get it done as my blog looks terrible.

Well, I'm off to the sewing room to put seven Santa sacks together for the great nieces and nephews. 
Have a great weekend everyone.


Helen said...

Lovely stitching as usual Christine,congratulations on your win. Rex has settled in well, seems to be having lots of fun exploring. The almond bread looks delicious.

Karen's Korner said...

Your new fur baby looks to be settling in very well. A cute stitchery happening there.

kiwikid said...

Lovely stitching at your place, hope Rex was helpful!! He looks to be enjoying the back yard, I guess he will be careful around the fish pond now! Congratulations on your win. Your almknd bread looks great.

Maria said...

I agree with Rex that it's a lovely stitchery....
Great to see Molly and Rex get on sew well.
Delicious 😋 almond bread....
The tree 🌲 looks good on your special Christmas 🎄 tree

Maria said...

PS . Sorry can't help with your header...

Karen S said...

You have been kept busy. The stitching looks lovely and I bet the baking smells delicious! Good luck with the blog complications. I am the last person to ask - remember how long I was out of action!

Lin said...

Nice work on your stitching - more stuffing for the pincushion? Congratulations on your win, that charm pack looks gorgeous.Are you making biscotti with your almond bread? We used to have them in Italy to dip into sweet wine. Not sure my teeth would be happy these days as I remember them being quite hard! Glad Rex is settling in and what a lovely ornament from Maria. xx

Baa. xxx said...

Rex looks very settled with Molly. Glad to see he is employing himself wisely with quality control on the stitching! It looks lovely. Your almond bread looks yummy.

FlashinScissors said...

Hello Christine,
Nice stitching! Good luck setting your pincushion in place.
Congratulations on your win ..... nice charm fabric!
Ahh, Rex looks really happy in his new home, glad he’s settling in so well!
Oooh, I make bread but haven’t tried almond bread, I’m off to look for a recipe!
Barbara x (The Flashing Scissors)
PS can’t help with the header ..... mine used to be right across the top of the blog, but I altered my margins and now it’s just on one side!

Radka said...

Lovely presents and a sweet stitchery :-)

Julie said...

Rex looks such a bundle of fun Christine. Its great that he & Molly are such good friends. Love your stitchery & also the charm pack. Having a bloggy friends tree is such a wonderful idea.