04 February, 2018

Rex Off To School and Working Interstate!

This morning Nelson took Rex to the Diamond Valley Dog Obedience Club 
to start his training. Rex waited very patiently for class to start.
He was so excited meeting lots of new friends. 
We thought his tail might fly off as he was wagging it so hard!
 Fourth week into Nelson's apprenticeship and 
he's off to Orange in NSW to work this week.
Off they go! Nelson was very excited about going interstate to work.


Baa. xxx said...

Aw..Rex looks so cute waiting to start school. Hope Nelson has fun.

Baa. xxx said...
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Kaisievic said...

Rex looks adorable and I hope that Nelson enjoys his interstate work.

Ellie Mork said...

Good luck Nelson and well done Rex :)

Maria said...

How did Rex go at school? Enjoy your interstate job Nelson.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Way to go little Rex...have fun Nelson❤️