25 February, 2018

Saved From The Skip!

I am a member of a Facebook local Buy Swap and Sell group. 
A couple of weeks ago, an ad came up stating "Free to good home otherwise 
it was going in the skip"! Well, I couldn't let that happen, could I!
The machine doesn't have a mark on it. 
None of the gold has worn so I'm guessing it wasn't used very much. 
There's a little bit of wear on the motor.
  The cupboard has some damage on the top, the lid and door 
but that adds to the charm of it.
The man told me it used to belong to his Auntie. It has sat out on his back porch for years and now he is moving, he wanted to get rid of it. Nobody in his family wanted it. He was so pleased that I was taking it as he really didn't want to throw it in the skip.

I've done a little research and these machines were made in Germany between 1930s and 1950s. I've worked out it is a post war model but that's all I've found out so far.

So, a lucky find for me!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

She’s a beauty ❤️❤️

Maria said...

Oh Christine how lucky are you to have found such a treasure...It goes perfectly in your home.. Enjoy !!

Karen said...

Oh, how awesome! She looks so pretty. You were right to rescue her.

Karen S said...

What a bonus. Let's see what you can make with it!!

kate steeper said...

hours of fun with these, they just dont give up no matter what you try to sew

Helen said...

Great find Christine 🤗

Christine B. said...

How exciting Christine to have such a lucky find! Have fun researching all about it! Christine x

Anthea said...

Wow what an amazing stroke of luck for you Christine... you get a fab machine & cabinet... & the guy gets his wish not to toss it!
It will certainly be interesting to see what else you can find out about it.

Lin said...

Lucky you indeed! xx